Board Walkin' for Pets

Just like residential places, dog rescue homes require pest control bedfordshire. Pests are a nuisance to pets and humans alike. Presence of pests in an animal rescue home is hazardous to dogs and if not controlled can be fatal.

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Keeping dogs safe

To be sure that dogs are safe during a pest extermination exercise, one can place them in kennels. This way, it is easy to keep them from coming into contact with the pesticides the experts apply. If kennels are not available, one can move the dogs to a pest-free area.

Organic pesticides

Homemade insect repellents contain nontoxic components. One can use these pesticides to get rid of pests without exposing dogs to any harm. Some examples of organic insect repellents include a mixture of canola oil and a tablespoon of mild soap, which is helpful in fighting soft body pests. Alternatively, one can get Eco-friendly pesticides. These have a label and are easily identifiable.

Biological pest extermination

Dog rescue homeowners can as well attract pest predators. The predators feed on the unwanted organisms, thus, keeping the home a safe habitat for dogs. Although considered dangerous, spiders are the number one predators that eliminate pests. Crab spiders, wolf spiders and jumping spiders are some of the types that feed on caterpillars, beetles and aphids. Parasitic wasps can help in reduction and control of aphids in the yard. One can apply predators to control pests both indoors and outdoors.

Preventive measures


To avoid annoying insects from invading a dog rescue home, cleanliness is vital. Pests invade one's space in search for food, drink and shelter. Therefore, by removing these factors, pests will die. One can ensure cleanliness by wiping off any spills on the floors, sweeping dog food residues, emptying garbage cans as often as possible and properly disposing off dog waste.

Bring in experts

It is recommendable that dog home rescue owners hire pest control bedfordshire professionals regularly to conduct inspections. These experts have the skills and experience to identify factors that indicate presence of pests. After analysing the premises, the pest exterminators apply the most effective and safe methods to get rid of the pests. Additionally, pest control professionals give advice on the suitable pest control techniques. This way, dog rescuers are equipped with necessary knowledge.

Common mistakes

Old pesticides

The standard blunder that people do is using anything they find lying on the shelf. In case one posses old pesticides, he or she ought not to use them before he or she confirms that the pesticides are safe. With years of lying around unused, the insect repellents may expire and cause harm to dogs.

Choosing broad spectrum repellents

A pesticide labelled broad spectrum is bound to be more toxic. These insecticides should kill a wide range of pests and, therefore, contain strong and harmful ingredients. One should go for specific pesticides.

In as much as pests are harmful to dogs, pesticides can be equally harmful. As such, one must consult with pest control bedfordshire experts prior to applying any insect repellents.